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I’d like to share some thoughts I have about road rage. At OTOTOK our vision is to provide a medium of communication for drivers. We are constantly connected via social media, cellphones and chat apllications that it only made sense to bring these capabilites to the road. After all, the combination of a crowded space with a lack of human interaction is one of the top causes for road rage which is ultimately the cause for a lot of fatal road “accidents”. I use the term in quotes because when a crash happens that is caused from a mechanical malfunction, inexperienced driving or some external cause and is in fact the result of a deliberate action I have a find it hard calling it an accident. It’s more like a road crime.

While searching for some meaningful insight about this matter, I stumbled upon 3 achingly true and deadly elegant info-graphics that support an important argument. Road rage is a big deal. The fact that we coined a name for an emotion that is so specific and situational (example: we don’t have “bathroom depression”) just proves how much this personal issue affects our society as whole. The 3 main points I took from them are these:

1. Rising trend

One of the two main causes for road rage is road congestion and lack of human interaction. These two sources of aggresion are both increasing over time. Cars are becoming cheaper and car to person ration is constantly growing and based on my own observations, governments aren’t really keeping up the pace with infrastructure. Lack of human interaction is something which is generally attributed to millennials as we are heavy consumers of social media and have a high risk of not getting enough exposure and experience with actual face-to-face communication.

2. Deadly

more than half of fatal road incidents have highlighted road rage as one of their causes. That accounts for the lives of around 17,000 people in the U.S alone in 2015. This proves to point that this is a grave matter and sadly I don’t see it being addressed much by public figures. There is a cool commercial sponsored by a few of Georgia’s various State-controlled traffic related institution featuring the legendary boxer Evander Holyfield but other that managed to crop some 15,000,000 views.

3. Avoidable

There are various, simple solution offered that are apparently based on some research. These include general anger management techniques like counting to ten and even road-rage specific like putting pictures of loved ones on your dash-board to remind you that it’s worth keeping your temper so you can come home to you family. It is also advised to put some relaxing music.

Sources are stated in all the images.

Driven Insane: The Science of Road Rage
Source: Driven Insane: The Science of Road Rage

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The Face Of Road Rage

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