Your voice on the road. Our voice on the net

Like all ideas, OTOTOK was born from a real-life problem and an out-of-the-box solution that didn’t exist. The problem was the lack of communication between drivers on the road. More specifically, the lack of our voice, or any voice if you may, on the road. OTOTOK was invented a solution to this simple yet pretty old problem.

It took a lot of courage to come forth with our idea. After a year of development, creating content, brainstorming about design, building our message and other fancy startup terminology, we took a leap of faith and jumped into the void of the online community’s critical thinking. We’re please to say that so far, we are very pleased with the results.

Over the past few weeks we began delivering content mostly via our Facebook page. We couldn’t have expected to receive a warmer welcom. Within 3 weeks we hit the 300-likes-mark and the support just keeps on coming. More importantly, we were overwhelmed by the supportive comments and general engagement of the online community.People for all over gave serious input which was both positive and empowering. Even the small bits of criticism that were lurking here and there were all in good taste and simply challenged us and our product to improve in various aspects.

Millions of ideas are probably generated everyday by individuals all around the world. Very few take that abstract concept and put it into action. The process poses many risks and creates many opportunities. The greatest fear is the thought that the idea won’t be received well not because of our abilities to develop and promote it but because it will not be accepted by the people around us. We started this journey in order to bring communication to the road and ultimately make it safer. Because communication is the key element of love and when we love someone, we protect them and keep them safe.

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